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Our delivery fee is € 7.90 in advance. From 150 € order value the delivery within Germany is free of shipping costs

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Payment and dispatch

Payment and dispatch

Dispatch terms

The delivery of the product occurs worldwide.

Forwarding expenses (including legal value added tax)

Deliveries within Germany:

We calculate the forwarding expenses after dispatch weight:

Package to 10.00 kg: 6.90¤ - Germany
Package to 20.00 kg: 11.90¤ - Germany
Package to 31.50 kg: 13.90¤ - Germany

From an order value of 150.00¤ we deliver free of forwarding costs.

Deliveries abroad:

We calculate the forwarding expenses abroad after dispatch weight:

Zone 1:
Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark (except the Faroes, Greenland), Estonia, Finland (except Å land islands), France (except overseas areas and departments), Greece (except mountain Athos),
Great Britain (except the Channel Islands), Ireland, Italy (except Livigno and Campione d'Italia), Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, the Netherlands (except non-European areas), Austria,
Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (except Canary islands, Ceuta + Melilla), Czech Republic, Hungary, Cyprus / republic (except north part)

Package to 5.00 kg: 16.95¤ - zone 1
Package to 10.00 kg: 22.00¤ - zone 1
Package to 20.00 kg: 32.00¤ - zone 1
Package to 31.50 kg: 42.00¤ - zone 1

Zone 2:
Alandinseln (Finland), Andorra, Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, mountain Athos (GR), Bosnia-Herzegovina, Campione d'Italia (IT), Ceuta (E), Faroes islands (DK), Georgia, Gibraltar (GB), Greenland
(DK), Guernsey (GB), Iceland, Jersey (GB), Canary islands (E), Kazakhstan, Kosovo (Serbian province), Croatia, Liechtenstein, Livigno (IT), Macedonia, Melilla (E), Moldavia (republic), Montenegro
(Republic), Norway, Russian federation, San Marino, Switzerland, Serbia (republic), Turkey, the Ukraine, Vatican City, Byelorussia, Cyprus / republic (north part)

Package to 5.00 kg: 30.00¤ - zone 2
Package to 10.00 kg: 35.00¤ - zone 2
Package to 20.00 kg: 45.00¤ - zone 2
Package to 31.50 kg: 55.00¤ - zone 2

Zone 3:
Egypt, Algeria, Israel, Jordan, Canada, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia, the USA,

Package to 5.00 kg: 36.00¤ - zone 3
Package to 10.00 kg: 47.00¤ - zone 3
Package to 20.00 kg: 68.00¤ - zone 3
Package to 31.50 kg: 89.00¤ - zone 3

Zone 4:
All countries and areas which are not assigned to the zones 1, 2 or 3.

Package to 5.00 kg: 42.00¤ - zone 4
Package to 10.00 kg: 59.00¤ - zone 4
Package to 20.00 kg: 91.00¤ - zone 4
Package to 31.50 kg: 123.00¤ - zone 4

Terms of delivery

As far as in the article description no other term is given, the delivery of the product occurs in Germany within 5 - to 7 working days, by foreign deliveries within 7 - to 14 working days. On payment by precash the term of delivery begins after payment entrance.
Note that on Sundays and holidays no delivery occurs.

Payment terms

By deliveries within Germany you have the following payment possibilities:

- Precash by transfer
- The 2.00¤ of Zustellgebühren which you must pay, nevertheless, not to us, but to the delivery agent directly) attack payment cash on delivery (plus COD charge 5.00¤ further
- Payment by credit card
- Payment by PayPal
- Payment by immediate transfer
- Giropay

By deliveries abroad you have the following payment possibilities:

- Precash by transfer
- Payment by credit card
- Payment by PayPal
- Payment by immediate transfer
- Giropay


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